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Sinker Slingers has been in the fishing tackle industry since 2004 and began by making sinkers for personal use.  It didn't take long to see a need for affordable fishing tackle and began by selling 4 sizes of bank sinkers to anglers fishing for catfish and stripers at Keystone Lake Dam.
Soon after, we met the owner of a bait shop who got us started on making everything from no-roll sinkers to crappie jigs.  For over 10 years we focused the business on selling sinkers to other bait and tackle dealers across the country from Oklahoma to Florida and Texas and every state across the country.

From there we began hand tying bass jigs and spent the years traveling to trade shows.  We never lost the love of making affordable tackle for the average outdoorsman.  And now we take our passion to the next venue, online direct to you.  And you never know, we may meet at a local fishing and hunting show sometime soon.